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It’s a Wrap!

During the 2024 Legislative Session, SDANW’s Council followed 98 bills.

SDANW won 24% of the bills supported and 80% of the bills we opposed.  

Click here to see our Legislative Scorecard and how your legislators voted.

SDANW Legislative Positions

SDANW Bill Status Update as of 3/8/24

But, before you read on, have you joined SDANW yet?  

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In January, SDANW’s Legislative Council approved a new format for weekly legislative updates.  Council members find it easier to use a chart to follow bills and to track where they are in the process of becoming law. They hope you will too! Here are pointers to get you started:

  • Take a good look at the KEY at the bottom of the chart. The abbreviations represent locations that tell you where a bill is in the legislative process.  Example: If you refer to the Status column for a bill in which you’re interested and you see “PA, refer to JAPP,” it means the bill was “Passed amended” and was referred to the “Joint Appropriations Committee.”

  • The Bill column in the chart is a wonder. Click on a number and a virtually magical link will take you to the SD Legislative Research Council. There you can read or print a copy of your bill and see exactly where it is in the legislative process.

  • Want better sense of how your bill is faring? If you see the SDPB eagle logo to the right of a hearing, give it a click. You’ll hear the recorded testimony, vote, and outcome of that day’s action on your bill.

  • The Monitor column reflects SDANW’s position on the bill under consideration. Keep an eye on this. SDANW positions sometimes change during session.


The 2024 Legislative Session is behind us. Many thanks to those of you who raised your voice on behalf of South Dakota women and their families. Below are the results of SDANW’s top legislative priorities.

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