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Continuing Resolutions

Before targeting platform priorities, participants at the 2023 SDANW annual conference adopted three resolutions to further amplify the Network’s commitment to Native women, to voting rights, and to LBGTQ2S+ (a.k.a. LBGTQ+ and Two Spirit) issues.

These resolutions, adopted by unanimous consent on July 29, 2023, become part of SDANW’s values statements and remain in effect unless formally rescinded.

Native Women

Whereas SDANW members occupy the ancestral lands of the Oceti Sakowin,

     which is known as the Seven Council Fires;

Whereas before this land was called South Dakota, it was home to the Indian

     Nations indigenous to this region;

Now, therefore be it resolved that SDANW acknowledges the sovereignty of the

     nine federally recognized Native nations in South Dakota and affirms its

     commitment to advocacy on behalf of Native women and the women of the Cheyenne River, Crow Creek, Flandreau           Santee, Lower Brule, Oglala, Rosebud, Sisseton-Wahpeton, Standing Rock and Yankton Sioux Tribes.


Adopted by unanimous consent July 29, 2023


Voting Rights

Whereas inclusive voting rights are fundamental to democracy;

Whereas women in the U.S. struggled for over 70 years to achieve the right to

     vote in 1920; and

Whereas achieving the goals of the 1977 National Plan of Action is largely

     dependent on the free and fair conduct of elections;

Now, therefore be it resolved that SDANW affirms its strong support for

     legislation and practices that ensure convenient voter registration,

     eliminate restrictive voter identification laws, provide safe, secure voting

     processes, and reduce barriers to voting. 

Adopted by unanimous consent July 29, 2023


LBGTQ+ and Two Spirit Communities

Whereas the LBGTQ2S+ communities continue to face discrimination and intolerance on the

     basis of sexual preference, orientation and gender identity; and

Whereas by protecting the rights of every individual, SDANW enhances and

     strengthens the value of everyone throughout our society;

Now, therefore be it resolved that SDANW affirms its support for LBGTQ2S+ persons in our

     state and stands with them to protect their personal autonomy and civil rights and

     their ability to live openly, equally and without fear.

Adopted by unanimous consent July 29, 2023

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